Road to Routeburn 2025

WOW! It’s been a minute .. right?

Let’s see how does one bring the world up to date on the last year .. ?

Well – I completed the Walk1200km challenge (my last post seems to have been when I was three months in) – so although I wasn’t great at following through on the blog posts – I did follow through on the actual challenge, finishing the 1200km distance on the 26th September 2023.

I canoed down the Whanganui River with the teen and we also flew down South and did some of the great walks, which is kind of how we ended up here ..

You see in order to get ready for that trip, I went back to my trainer to prepare my body for multiple days of hiking and in that process I dropped a significant amount of weight (over 20kgs) and my fitness level increased which allowed me to comfortably do more hiking and then (on a whim – just to see if I “still had it”) I started trail running.

If you’ve followed this blog previously, you’ll remember there was a time that I used to run quite a lot, so it’s a bit like fashion – what goes around, comes back around.

So, what’s different this time?

  • I’m lighter – that’s obviously got to help.
  • I have running coach (and I do as I’m told).
  • I’m lifting weights consistently and I have Miss Jo.
  • I have an audacious goal!

What is the goal?

I’m going to run* the Routeburn Classic 2025!

We’ll I haven’t actually signed up for it yet as entries haven’t opened BUT I’ve put it out into the universe and I’ve coerced a friend to join me – we used to train together a lifetime ago when we were bodybuilders and we make a formidable team, so training is going to be on point!

Bring it on!

In preparation this year I have three “stepping stones”

1st up in August I’ll do a 10km trail run in Rotorua. The hubby will do the half marathon distance and we’ll make a weekend out of it.

We will follow that up with a trip down South in September where and I’ll run the 16km at Race Tekapo and the hubby will do the 32km race. Incidentally our running coaches are the official coaches for this race so it sounds like we have a whole team of people going down, so it should be a great weekend!

Finally, my main goal for this year is to run a half marathon in Rotorua in November. That same weekend James will complete the full marathon distance.

2024 is going to be a pretty full on year with trail running galore and I’m hoping all these small stepping stones are going to prepare me for the “biggie” in April 2025.

I’m excited!

I’m going to use the blog somewhat like a diary – it helped when I was bodybuilding and it’s quite cathartic to write down your thoughts when things are going shite and I’m betting there are going to be a few of those days to come .. I’ve seen I have hill pyramids scheduled soon .. 😉

Till next time

*When I say run – I mean, I’ll run some but walk a WHOLE lot .. 😉

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