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Valentines Day came and went.

There was no candle lit dinner, flowers or poems declaring undying love. But this year I felt more love than any other ..


Because this year, I’m choosing to live in gratitude.

I’m noticing all the “small stuff”. All those things that I’d usually take for granted.

The bed that made itself while I was at work, the coffee that appeared by my side, the hungry kid that got fed, the kiss on the forehead as I hurry past from the big boy or the bone crushing hug and slightly too long a sloppy kiss from my baby.

I should have done this years ago!  Although it’s only been 50 days I wanted to share something I know now, that I wish I knew back then.

Today is more important.

I saw this floating around on social media last week and I giggled because that would be me (although obviously I’m a girl and (slightly) less well muscled)

I’m a planner, a scheduler I often live perpetually in the future thinking about what has to be done and when I have to do it and don’t get me started on how living in the past, ask James about how I can remember every single thing he has every said in his entire lifetime when it comes to an argument. 😉

It’s easy to live in the past or the future, the trick is learning to live in the now.

Pay attention and truly be present with the people surrounding you. I’ve caught myself being in the same room as others but not being “present”. Instead of stopping, looking at them and truly engaging in conversation, I‘ll be nodding my head and saying “uhuh” while checking my emails, watching the news or catching up on social media.

Let’s all slow down a bit and remember roses were put on earth to encourage you to stop for a moment and inhale their gorgeous scent.

Till next time




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