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Crossfit is this generations “phenomenon” the Crossfit Games started in 2011 with 26,000.00 registered athletes. In 2012 that number rose to 69240 and last year the number of registered athletes almost doubled that of the previous year.

The number of people now engaging in the sport of crossfit has exploded, however in my (not so vast) experience with the “sport of fitness” they can be split into four distinct categories.

The this is fun AND it makes me fitter (or insert adjective of your choice) crossfitter.

This is the category I fall into and I’d hazard a guess and say that the vast majority of people you find at boxes around the globe fall into this category.

We turn up because the people are nice, we get to learn new things which keeps us from getting bored, the coach “makes” us run (an activity we “obviously” wouldn’t do voluntarily) and we work up a sweat, which in turns means that we can eat dessert.

We don’t like coming last, but we don’t care enough to put more time into our training to ensure we don’t.

For us it’s a trade off, we train to enable us to live the life we want to lead.

We (mostly) don’t care about the Open.

The lets give this competition thing a go crossfitter

People who come under this umbrella are the ones who like to see how they measure up against others.

You often see people move from the “I just want to get fitter” category into this one once their skill set has increased and their confidence rises.

They compete in the Open to “give it a go” because it’s “fun”

The I compete to win crossfitter

For these people, crossfit is not merely an activity they do to get fit or fitter for them crossfit is a sport.  It’s even the way some of them earn a living, if this is the way you feed your family sh*t starts to get serious!

You can tell these people a mile away, they have that air about them, the one that says “get the f**k out of my way I’m coming through.”

You either have this trait, or you don’t. I know people who if they took up crossfit (and put time into learning a new skill set) they would be a force to be reckoned with because they have that “I’ll do whatever it takes” gene. (Not naming any names – Anna).

They compete in the open to win

And finally (my favorite)

The I have no idea I am a crossfitter, crossfitter.

These are the people you see during personal training sessions completing a chipper containing rowing, pull ups, push ups and burpees when they don’t even know what a chipper is.

This is just the way they train.

They have no idea what the open is.

Bless their little (hopefully organic) cotton socks!

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