The Ludus Challenge

Earlier in the week I may have mentioned the “Ludus Challenge” that I have going on with a couple of friends.

The deal basically is that we have each promised to go to Ludus every Monday and  Friday and if we don’t go then we have to buy the ones that did go a cookie time cookie.  Which is better than any medal. 😉

Seeing as I adore Cookie Time cookies (and due to the fact that I would REALLY prefer not to buy them for other people) I rocked up to Ludus this morning as per the agreement.  I was running late because for some reason I forgot to pack my work clothes into my gym bag.  I had remembered the important stuff such as a towel and more gym gear, but nothing for work so I had to race back inside the house.

Obviously that made me slightly late.  Brooke and Francis thought they were in for a cookie, their little hearts sank when I walked in the door. Bahahaha .. what a way to end a week! 🙂

We started the session off with 100 burpees, and it quickly went “downhill” from there.  I have to admit, doing a Ludus session on the zero carb keto diet takes some willpower, the things I will do in the hopes of earning a cookie. 😉

I’m pleased to report that training has been much better this week.  I’m not quite as sore and I seem to be recovering much quicker.  I am still not as strong as I was (but I guess that is to be expected) but I’m seeing improvements in strength.  I can’t see any visual improvements just yet, but they have to happen.  I’m eating well, doing my cardio and training hard so I’ll be patient and reap the rewards, they can’t be too far off!

One thing I did earn this week because of the Ludus Challenge was this …

Oh yes, thank you very much Brooke!  And thank you Francis for not eating my cookie when Brooke gave it to you for safe keeping.   This shall be living at my work for another 11 weeks, then its fair game!  Who knows I might have quite a stash of them by then.

Anyway, spare a thought for me this weekend.  It’s my birthday and just like last year there will be no cake for me *sigh* should you wish shower me with gifts feel free. 😉

Till next time

(When I shall be old .. so so old)





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