Fun and Frivolity – Todays post is bought to you by the letter F

Before you send emails – the answer is yes.    Some of those empty glasses on the table are mine .. hence “Fun” being a major part of the blog title today!

And for the sharper eyed amongst you – no I didn’t eat the Gu Pudding and after James did a taste tested the extra pottle of Gu pud I bought home I doubt I will and I prefer my pudding hot (just like my men) 😉

So my pudding of choice these days is the Gluten Free Steamed Pudding that Healtheries make. It’s scrumptious! Add some weight watchers ice cream and you have my idea of a perfect dessert.

Anyway I’m sidetracking myself again .. talking about food always does that to my brain. Let me align myself ..

As I mentioned earlier in the week a couple of my girlfriends and I went to oogle Channing Tatum the Chicks at the Flicks event to appreciate the fine cinematic prowess of Channing Tatum in the film “The Vow”

Now the movie itself is not my Friday Fav because although Channing is in it and he does take his shirt off (and he has a great arse if that wasn’t a body double) its a little too “chick flick” for me.

BUT the event itself was great fun.

Upon arrival you drink bubbly wine (like there is any other sort in the land of Julia) and there are nibbles for you to indulge in which did include the aforementioned Gu Pudding while you chat with your girlfriends.

Then you head up to the cinema with your drinks (and any of the remaning bowls of nibbles if you have a big enough handbag – but you may want to keep quiet about that part) where they hand out the goodie bags as you enter the cinema.

*disclaimer – This is a photo of my friend Yumi’s goodie bag. I didn’t photograph mine *

Then the organizers run a few quick quizzes or “events” to win some prizes from the sponsers and then its onto the movie. The tickets are only $26.00 (including a booking fee) if you sign up to the Event Cinema mailing list and a portion of each ticket sale goes to The Max Foundation For New Zealand Women.

I won’t be going next month because I’ve seen Pretty Women enough times in my life and then finding out they are playing it especially for it’s 10th year anniversary just makes me feel old 😉

Well another week closes (and this week finished with my third session of Ludus for the week – yay) one thought though .. there used to be a time when a 300 WAS the workout for the session.  I guess those days are looooong gone ..

I should have known it was going to be a hard session when the warm up was a 10-1 Roman Pressup/Run the Island.   I should have run home 😉 But then again I need to rest my legs for my first EVER 10k fun run this Sunday.  My very FIRST!

Are you all hearing Madonna sing inside your head like I am right now?

“Like a virgin .. eeeeeeeeee .. touched for the very first time, like a viiiiiiirgin .. “

If my life was an episode of Glee everyone would be dancing and I would be wearing a pink dress, alas I missed the day that God was handing out the rhythm genes and I have none so dancing will always remain in my dreams.

Lordy lordy I guess Ludus was even harder than I thought .. my brain is broken and I’m talking about a TV show I don’t even watch and wearing dresses.

I need coffee – S.T.A.T!

Till next time

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2 Responses

  1. Nikki says:

    I developed those Healtheries GF puddings (years ago!) – Glad you liked them 🙂

  2. feminine fitness says:

    I do! They are a tad rich but otherwise DEVINE 🙂

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