Goooooooood morning world!

I’ve never been a night owl (with the obvious exception of when I had tiny babies … then an entire day was just a blur).

Even “off season” I get up and do my morning cardio, it’s not so much that it’s a habit, its actually something I really enjoy (once I drag my tired arse out of bed) 😉

It is totally “my time”.  I get to think in peace, dream, imagine, plan, scold myself for failures or praise myself when I have done well.  Mornings are a fantastic time of the day, everyone seems to be filled with a sense of purpose, the people you come across in your travels greet you with a smile and the smell of freshly baking bread wafting out from the bakeries I pass is just heavenly!

This morning it was finally light enough to walk through Auckland Domain and I came across a group of “boot campers” … its not really my cuppa tea, but if they want to fork out hard earned money to be yelled at and run across wet muddy fields they deserve a big thumbs up from me.

I on the other hand like to move at a pace that lets me admire my surroundings, I adore seeing the sun rise up over the harbour and the way that the dew envelopes the trees .. it makes me very grateful to be a JAFA.

Anyway .. enough talk of flowers 😉

I got a text from Jo yesterday and it said “Have you been good today Miss Julia?”

Thankfully I could honestly answer yes!

Food was clean … two lots of cardio done and dusted.   I did however forget that the Wolf Pack was now doing posing practice every week, so I missed out.  However after reading Miss Jo’s status update on Facebook .. its probably lucky I wasn’t there, it read;

Wolf Pack trained awesomely .. and they all had abs

Till next time xox

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