I find early mornings are when the BIG revelations hit home …

Today’s revelation?  I hate running!  (With every ounce of my being)

I can hear the loud collective sigh of all the runners out there, but it doesn’t change my mind in the slightest 😉

I require a tangible purpose to run, examples of a “purpose” would be;

A)    One of my kidlets took off at pace and was running towards immanent danger, or;

B)     I was crossing the road and a car was coming towards me at speed.

Those two reasons would get me to move my ample arse at a reasonable pace … but running just because I was too lazy to run to the cookie jar, and instead ambled over to the jar, took it to the sofa and sat on aforementioned fat arse and ate them is just plain urgh (to put it succinctly).

I can hear those of you who know me starting to giggle, because those of you who know me realize that the motion I call running, isn’t in fact what normal people call running.  I do more of a plod slowly while heavy breathing action.  This action is coupled with looking down at the ground so that I don’t see the real runners of the world looking at me with pity in their eyes!

I really need to remember how much I hate running next time the sugar cravings kick in 😉

On to a brighter note …

Yesterday was a “good day”.  Food was clean, thanks to protein pancakes, rice wafers and egg white omelets, which is basically what, I ate over the day.

My morning cardio (which I blogged about yesterday) was awesome; I did just over 5.8 ks in an hour.

After work my weight workout was shoulders and abs, the high point was doing lateral raises with 10 kg weights!  This is a big achievement for me, so big thumbs up to me 🙂

Then after the flurry that is feed husband, kids and myself (all different meals), play with kids, get kids into bed, prepare food for next day, pack gym bag, work bag and get clothes out for morning cardio and it was into the garage to do another 30 minutes of cardio, followed by another 20 minutes or so choreographing my new routine *man, I’m tired, just reading it all!*

My two HUGE bouquets of the day go to …

  • My husband for religously kneading out the knots in my legs each night

Tomorrow afternoon is measures.  Hopefully they are heading in the right direction, down!

Till next time xox

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