Feel the suck and do it anyway

It’s no secret that we as human beings tend to do things that we enjoy. We are after all pleasure seeking creatures.

It’s also no secret that you tend to enjoy doing things that either make you fat (eating dessert for example) or that you are good at.

It’s a rare individual that goes out of there way to spend time doing all the things that;

A) Scare them
B) Make them feel like an uncoordinated and unfit fool or that
C) They suck at

For years I could get away with living inside my comfort zone.

Sure I’d decide to do a few running events but in all fairness anyone can “run” you just put one foot in front of the other and if you get tired it’s pretty simple to stop and walk.

I guess there was the time I did the Triathlon and obviously the Tough Mudder was well outside my comfort zone, but basically in my day to day world I would be a Roll’s Royce as opposed to a Ferrari – I’m an old school model built for comfort 😉

But now I’m a crossfitter and I’m supposed to be good at everything (but not great at anything) or something like that. The only draw back to that philosophy is there is much work to be done on the “be good at everything” list #sigh

So today I decided that I would “specialise” in the things I suck at the most and I would (as Mr P.T would put it) spend time under the bar.

I have no idea why I get nervous around a big lump of steel.  I see flashes of Olympic lifters with snapped arms writhing on the floor in pain after a failed attempt at a snatch.  Obviously my brain tells me that I would need to be holding a hell of a lot more weight for it to come even close to snapping my arms .. but yeah I guess it’s like being sure there is no boogey man in the closet during the day but not being as certain when the sun goes down 😉

So today was the start of feeling the fear and doing it anyway .. got to say my overhead squats were not looking too shabby after I got into the groove of things.  I figure if I do the movements I hate over and over again the familiarity of the movement should erase the fear.

Well that’s my theory anyway, I’ll let you know how I go.

It you have something that you want to get better at but something is holding you back take a breath and jump off that cliff, until you jump you can never let your wings unfold and learn how to soar!

Till next time

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  1. Manal says:

    WOW!! I just came across your story on “Muscle & Strength” and I must say, you deserve a standing ovation! Amazing transformation and soo commendable! 🙂 I am starting my journey and its tough but I keep on telling myself, its now or never and I’d rather choose the NOW! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your story and I simply hope you know that YOU putting out yours has touched many lives including mine! Thanks and keep it up!!! 🙂

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