Dry July Paleo Challenge – The Final Weigh In

It’s been four weeks since I took on the CrossfitHPU Dry July Paleo Challenge.

I will hold my hand up and admit that  I was openly against the Paleo “buzz” when my friends started eating the so called caveman diet.  I recall one friend asking “Have you guys tried paleo?  What are your thoughts?

I voiced my opinion loudly “No carbs OR dairy? Doesn’t sound appealing to me, how are you supposed to keep that up for a lifetime?”

Well my friends I will now say (and this doesn’t happen often) – I was wrong – completely and utterly wrong.

I’ve tried many eating plans, weight watchers, calorie counting and then of course there was the low carb diets from my bodybuilding days.  But I’ve got to say I’ve never found another eating plan that was easier to stick to and more importantly that left me feeling so good.

Sure there have been times when it was a slight pita (like when you try and eat out and everything contains either grains or dairy) and then there was the time I took the kids to Kiwiyo .. #sigh.

But overall this is something I can and will continue to do indefinitely.  The only change I’ll make going forward is that on a Saturday if I want something non paleo then I’ll have it with no regrets.

So onto the “results”

First of all I’d like to say a little something to those of you out in internet land that base their mood for the day on what their scales tell them each morning ..

Throw that f**king machine out!

In the past month my weight hasn’t budged and yes I got a tad frustrated with the same number coming up each and every morning (give or take a couple of hundred grams).  I knew in my head that I was getting leaner – I could see it and more importantly I could fit my arse into my shorts, but that damn number kept laughing at me each and every time I got on the scale.

So you know what?  I stopped!

In the last month I’ve lost an entire 600 grams but a picture is worth a thousand words and the photo’s (I think) speak for themselves.  Oh and the calipers agree – all sites are down and as a by product my bodyfat percentage has dropped 3.16%.  I was aiming for 4 but shit who cares when you get to eat cheesecake, bacon AND chicken with the skin on! 😉

I’m not sure if I won yet as there is another group doing the challenge that finish on Thursday. However I’m thinking that 3% probably won’t give me the title.

But you know what? I started this challenge to win it – but actually I’m pretty happy with results .. some free P.T sessions would come in handy though as I’ve got a tonne of “weak points” so keep your fingers crossed for me! 🙂

Till next time

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