All this for a plastic trophy?

Last night James and I chanced going outdoors to do my final cardio of the day.  There had been lightening flashes most of the night but it wasn’t raining so James coerced me into going for a walk.  Since I had been trying to convince myself how much fun it would be to use the spin bike in front of the TV and hadn’t been very convincing, I thought I may as well go with James at least I’d have someone to talk to.

While we were out there were some more lightening flashes and some spattering of rain, but nothing major.  That was until we got about 3/4 of the way round and the heavens opened up!   We were drenched in seconds.  We must have looked like sorry sights because a bus driver pulled over and asked us if we wanted to get in .. we said thank you but politely declined his offer.  However it was nice to know there are still thoughtful people in the world.

This morning when I woke the weather wasn’t much better.  It was super windy, however it wasn’t raining so I got dressed headed into work and started my walk around Parnell (which is my usual morning cardio if I am not at Ludus).  It was actually quite warm … that was until it HAILED!

Yes you read that correctly.  There was a hail storm.  I was drenched in seconds and unfortunately I was walking into the wind so I got pelted by the little buggers!  As a waded my way through the rest of my walk and back to work I was thinking to myself … you do all this for a plastic trophy? The things we do *sigh* 😉

You might not be able to see in the pic, but I am saturated on the front, but my back half is dry!  I should have walked backwards and kept it even. 😉

Lets hope the heavens are nicer to me from now on .. or maybe I should just stay indoors!

Before I go .. if you haven’t already, please vote for me in the CLUB PHYSICAL REAL RESULTS competition.  You just have to find my picture, click into it and when my page opens up, click like.  Simple as that.  Please do not just like the page, your vote won’t count.

Till next time

When it will be Wednesday .. get practicing your whistles!



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  1. Donloree says:

    You are adorable. I love that we are in total opposite seasons; so amusing. But the thing with summer up here is that we still get hail. lol!

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