It’s the small things

This morning I had an epihany.  You will have to remember that it was stupid oclock and my brain works a lot slower at that time of the morning, so things that seem amazing to me then, may not actually in the true light of day be amazing.  But I digress.

This mornings “epiphany”  was the realisation that it is the small things in life that make me appreciate the world.  For example this morning at stupid oclock I managed to complete an entire cardio session without;

  1. Getting rained on
  2. Encountering a hail storm
  3. Being blown away in a tornado

Those three things combined made this morning enjoyable, even if it was stupid oclock. 😉

Also on a positive note my mind seems to have finally got into competition mode.  It’s been really hard to get back into the swing of things since I’ve come back from holiday.  A couple of times I’ve lamented to myself that I shouldn’t have taken the break in the middle of the season but what is done is done and now its time to “pay the piper”.

It’s even harder because being winter everyone is covered up at the gym no shoulders in sight!  (I have a thing for a good set of shoulders).  So I guess I will just have to make do with this ….

I’ve been asked if because of the sport I do if I like the bodybuilders physique.  Well the answer to that is usually a no, but there is always one exception to the rule …

Steve Cook! *sigh*

You know if you just glance at him .. he looks like James just with a lot less padding 😉 (James is falling down laughing right now and Steve Cook is thinking WTF?) lol.

Till next time


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    He definitely gets a whistle – YUMMO!


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