I now know what FYUF stands for

This morning before I headed into Ludus I finished off my coffee and logged on to see the latest updates on Facebook  (as you do when you are slightly addicted) 😉

I saw that my friend Rashida had just “checked in” at Ludus and her note said ..

“FYUF @ Ludus Magnus”

I pondered for a little while trying to work out the acronym then I checked myself in and I flippantly wrote

“Ending the week with Death by Burpees @ Ludus Magnus”

So imagine my surprise when I headed indoors to find this


Can Joe read my mind? Or maybe he saw what I wrote on Facebook, or maybe I can see the future and I didn’t even realise it!

I had no idea but it did make me realise just what FYUF stands for.  (And if you don’t know – the first word is profanity).  Joe also mentioned that since there was no class following ours we were welcome to stay and complete the entire workout if we ran out of “actual class time”

Thankfully Unfortunately 😉 I had to go to work so I couldn’t take him up on that kind offer – but I gave getting through the entire workout a good go.  I got close (I did sets 1-5) but I still ended up 50 burpees short of doing the full 300.

Although I loathe to admit it. This was the best session I’ve done in ages – and yes I still love to hate burpees. 

But after reading this note on the board this morning maybe I shouldn’t be so harsh on the little suckers.

Not a bad metaphor if you ask me!

Triathlon weekend is upon me.  It’s come up too quickly and I’m nervous – which is not like me.

Usually I just bowl on up to an event and wing it, but I think because this event is a little more “big girl” than the ones I usually do I don’t feel worthy, like only “real triathletes” should be attempting this event – not me, the girl who can barely lift one arm off the handle bar and who is yet to swim the distance required without stopping!

I’m aiming for finishing in under an hour (a figure pulled out of thin air) .. wish me luck, I’m going to need it. 🙂

Till next time

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4 Responses

  1. Amy says:

    Go hard Julia! We’ve all gotta start somewhere 🙂 P.S I would totally LOVE (I think) to come do a Ludus session with you next time im in Auckland are they on the weekends?

  2. feminine fitness says:

    Yep sure are! Give me enough notice and I can “hold your hand” at a session – you will LOVE it!

  3. Amy says:

    Great!! Im coming up in about 6 weeks time (end of March-ish) to go see Ali G about a bikini, how far away is the gym from there? Ill be with a couple of ladies who are competing this year too, but im sure they wont take much persuading 😉

  4. feminine fitness says:

    From Ali? Miles .. everything is miles away from Ali lol. But Ludus is in the central city so its pretty easy to find.

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