Run till you


You can tell I don’t look down when I run because when I got back to the office (I run from work during the week) I gulped down some water, had a stretch, “boasted” to a co worker how I had run up Parnell Rise without stopping and then went to have a shower.

As I went to take off my shoe I looked down and thought

“Hmmm that doesn’t look good”

Then I slid my shoe off and found yet another war wound.  No pain no gain huh? Well I am expecting some massive gains 😉 because I sure do have some scars.

It used to be just Ludus tattoo’s I had to worry about, add three more disciplines into the mix and I’ve got war wounds galore.

And that is just one leg, anyone would think I am a clutz.    Although I must look like one too every time I arse off my bike *sigh*.

I fell off AGAIN during my last bike session and I was pretty much stationary! (I was practicing starting off on a hill and I chickened out and lost balance – can I blame the wet surface?) 😉

“Well done on the 10k run last weekend!”

Firstly – thank you 🙂

Secondly – Excited? No

Shit Scared would be closer to the truth. I’m still super worried about riding in cleats, which is a nice change because usually I am worried about the swim section and I’m not feeling at all nervous about that section this time.

Well except the part where its early and it will be cold. I hate cold, but I’d prefer not to swim in a wetsuit this time around because well I havent practiced in it and I havent mastered taking it off at “speed”. I can just picture myself still trying to get the darn thing off while everyone else in my race crosses the finish line.

At this point I plan to take the cleats off my bike and do the race with flat pedals BUT the following weekend I am doing a Duathlon and I WILL ride with cleats come hell or high water!

See I even said it out loud .. so I have too. 🙂

If any of you are up at almost stupid oclock on Sunday feel free to come to Takapuna and watch me cause calamity on the bike course!

Till next time

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  1. Donloree says:

    Ouch! Just another reason to avoid running. 😉

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