I never learn

So in yesterdays blog post I mentioned (in passing) that at the Ludus Fundraiser Joe and I had a conversation about how endurance athletes were a breed of their own (that goes without saying) and that a “Ludus Endurance Test” would be hell on earth a true feat of endurance.

I should not relay these conversations because my superwoman friend Izzy thought that it sounded like a fun filled day and was keen to send me to an early grave take up the challenge with me and since I managed to find someone to cover me at work, couldn’t come up with a believable excuse and was too chicken to jump off a bridge and break my leg the challenge is on.

On a positive note, six hours of Ludus is nearly 4,000 calories burned that is a shite load of guilt free dessert!

You have approximately a week left of blogging enjoyment before my early demise next Thursday the 12th of April.   I’m can’t even fathom how many burpees are going to be performed in that one day – what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – right?

Also if you feel like supporting why don’t you come down to the arena and do a session that day I think I am going to need someone to pick me up off the floor 😉

Now to stop you all laughing at me for being an idiot being willing to endure hell just of the heck of it lets get onto the main event.

Michael Klim – you will just have to forgive that fact that he is an Australian 😉

And the cherry on top – A Daddy and his bubba.

Got to say swimmers do have an amazing taper!

Till next time

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  1. chelsea says:

    I am a sucker for Beeker pictures…ha ha ha!
    Daddy and his bubba pics….tooo cute!
    My stomach started to growl looking at that food!

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