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The Christchurch show came and went.  I enjoyed some post show celebrations and indulged in some chocolatey goodness over the competition weekend and come Monday the plan was to be back on the straight and narrow, especially if I wanted to look “narrow” and not rotund in my next show.

I was shattered from traveling so slept in Monday morning, but I did get a cardio session in at home before dinner – see photographic evidence to the left 😉

My food was back to “competition normal” and it wasn’t actually as hard as I thought it would be.


The only time my willpower was tested was after dinner when I spied the caramel slice.  Mum had made me some to take with me to Christchurch but I didn’t even managed to eat half a slice, but I just thought how I had to come in leaner next time and took myself off up to bed.

Last night I was back into my routine of packing my gym bag and organizing my food for the day, so this morning I just had to roll out of bed and get dressed – no excuses.

Note – I bought that Billabong Gym Bag as a “Well done Julia” pressie when I was waiting for Miss Jo’s flight to arrive in Auckland, guess there are advantages to waiting around the terminal 😉

So, I see Miss Jo tomorrow.  We will see how much damage has been done by my “friends” the M&Ms and then decide which direction we are going to go in from here.  Nabba have a height/weight ratio on their figure categories and we aren’t sure I can get under the limit .. but then again I’m not sure I’m big enough to do physique.  Oh well .. we shall just have to wait and see.

Till next time


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2 Responses

  1. Donloree says:

    I am waiting and seeing with you! 🙂

    What poses do you have to do for Figure in NZ? And you have to do a routine as well? We just have to do quarter turns…the bb-ers and fitness are the only categories that have to do a routine here.

  2. feminine fitness says:

    For both figure and physique in NZ we do quarter turns, then compulsary poses. Front bicep, back bicep, side chest, tricep, abs and thigh (Nabba physique also do a lat spread). All federations have a routine round as well of between 60-90 seconds.

    I like the poses, I think you can show off more of your good points than when you just turn in a circle. 😉

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