Family Time

Yesterday went well.

I ate well (up to a point), I trained back hard and heavy (and now my elbow is paying for it) and I got two sessions of cardio in.


My second cardio session of the day is usually a walk after dinner.   Isabelle usually begs to stay home with her grandparents and once Elias realises that she is going to play downstairs he squeels until he can stay home too, so its usually just James dragging me along the streets when my feet will no longer work.

Low and behold last night when Isabelle was in the bath she asked if she could come walking with Mumma.  Obviously I said yes, after all its James that pushes the pram not me 😉  We both figured that she would change her mind .. but nope, she wanted to come with Mumma, so last nights cardio became a family affair!  I’m pretty sure she won’t want to come again though, because she got bored half way round 😉

The astute among you may have notice this statement earlier … I ate well (up to a point).  Well I may have eaten scoffed down one of these last night ..

I had visions of the last time I pigged out three weeks before a show and managed to stop myself and go out on my walk instead of carrying on the food fiesta and  ending up a blithering mess in bed with a turtle tummy.  I have heard stories of girls who carrying on to eat entire tubs of ice cream and three loaves of bread!  That was not going to be me!

This morning I grabbed all the chocolate that we had in the house and I bought it into work and I put it in the filing cabinet.  Thankfully my sugar cravings only hit at night so even though its around, it should be quite safe here.  I have even changed my training to my sugar craving hit time so that I’m out of the house and with Miss Jo.

Anyway .. you have patiently read and I know you are waiting for this …

So here it is!

I watched Fast & Furious 5 last week and you couldn’t help but notice him!  I thought at the time .. cor blimey, nice shoulders (although I do prefer the blonde guy in the movie).  BUT I saw him on Ellen yesterday and he was so humble and he wormed his way into my heart so here is The Rock.

Not at all bad for a “brown boy”, for those of you who know me you will know I have a penchant for pale skinned English blokes .. or it could jut be a coincidence that I found two that wanted to marry me.

Till next time (I shall be good!)


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