It’s official (yet again)

Luckily I checked the NABBA website this morning because entries close this Saturday.

After a quick text “discussion” with Miss Jo I completed the forms, burned my music onto a cd and arranged for delivery.  So I’m now officially a NABBA competitor.

The decision as to what class I would do hinged on when the weigh in was being held.  I would have had to hold off carbing up to keep my weight down to get into a class with a height to weight ratio limit.  When I saw the weigh in was at the athlete briefing the morning of the show it was pretty obvious that I would be entering into the physique class.

It’s not too much of a stretch I usually do the physique category.  The Christchurch show was the first time I’ve ever tried Figure.  I have never competed in the NABBA federation before though, so I have some things to learn (like posing in both directions and doing a lat spread) .. but I’ve got two and a half weeks so I guess I’ll just have to practise, practise and then practise some more.  At least I get to keep my feet flat on the ground!  One less thing to worry about 😉

I saw Miss Jo for training last night, the first thing she did was pull up my top to check I still had some semblance of abdominals.  She was pleased with what she saw so I didn’t have to do any measurements (thank goodness, they always depress me).

She attacked trained my legs, there were a few moments where I prayed to God and there were other moments where I swore and even times when I thought tears would burst forth, but it was good .. NO it was a GREAT session, just what I needed to shake off any post show cobwebs.

The plan is to drop a few more kilos in the lead up to the next show so my diet has changed.  When I told James last night he gave me his “Oh shit, I better tip toe around her” look but he smiled and said .. “If that’s what it takes” (all the while thinking, I’m glad I’m not a bodybuilder) 😉

Today is day one of the new plan .. wish me luck.

Till next time


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2 Responses

  1. Donloree says:

    What kind of diet changes? This is so exciting!! What kind of suit do you have to wear?

  2. feminine fitness says:

    It’s no carbs except for breakfast, so not that exciting really 😉 and the suit is pretty much the same as the figure girls, but less bling 🙂 Im thinking I will wear my blue one in the morning and a purple blinged up one for the night show.

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