#vanlife – when will the adventures start?!?!

The Easter Holiday period has drawn to a close and today is my first day back at work …

Usually I’d have some amazing new piece of trail to tell you about – because we’ll that’s what weekends (and especially the long ones) are all about – adventuring!

But alas – remember how last week I told you about the newest addition to our family – Collin?   And Collin was going to be our little adventure camper?

Yeah well apparently shit like that takes time AND a tonne of effort. 😉

In fact converting Collin into an adventure mobile has been somewhat of an adventure in itself ..

For the very first time in my forty some years I’ve used tools that could (in theory) cut my hand off.

My Dad is acutely aware that I could amputate a limb because as I went to cut a piece of timber he yelled STOP! Before explaining how I should be holding the longer piece of the baton so that my hand wasn’t so near the part that cuts off limbs.  I guess you never stop worrying about your kids. 😉

Since starting work on Collin I’ve used a tonne of power tools for the first time including (but not limited too);

  • A jigsaw
  • A drill
  • A mitre saw and
  • An impact driver

One of the weirdest things I learned (by chance as apparently none of the men in my life thought to tell me) is that screws get hot when you drive them into wood (DON’T TOUCH!) and drilling holes makes smoke but probably won’t make a fire as James assured me that drill bits are designed not to start fires (because Julia,  “how would houses get built it they caught fire every time someone drilled a hole?”)

Honestly?  How would I know!  After all, I’m the girl who didn’t know that the screw would be hot after I drilled it in ..

One thing I do know is that Collin will very much be a work in progress for sometime to come (so Mum if you happen to be reading this – no I haven’t finished Collin yet and yes I still have LOTS more work to do) but I guess that’s what is to be expected when a girl with no building experience decides she wants to to convert a van “for fun”.

Till next time




PS – One week in, James and I have managed not to kill each other, although there has been some eye rolling (mostly from him) lolololol

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