Kia Kaha

First up, I’d like to send all my love to those of you who have been either directly or indirectly affected by the devastating earthquake in Christchurch.  I watched the extended news coverage last night and the sheer magnitude was beyond my comprehension.  Kia Kaha Christchurch.


An iconic Christchurch building, The Cathedral

Hump Day started out pretty somberly.  Everyone at Ludus Magnus this morning was in a state of shock with the horror that happened yesterday in Christchurch, but we all made a pact to send out only positive vibes and we pulled each other through this mornings “hell fest”.

Did you people in Internet land realize that there must be about 500 different ways to do a burpee?  Well I think I did about 498 of those this morning 😉 .. although when my husband told me that he was running 15ks today, I decided Id take burpees any day.  I think the hardest were the medicine ball burpees .. man I am going to have the abs of steel with all the core strength required in these workouts!

I didn't look as joyous during my burpee fest as LOL Cat!

So its half way through the week … which means its leg day, should be interesting after all the lunging, squatting and jumping I did this morning.   Thankfully I train legs with Jo I’m usually quite tired by Wednesday evening so its nice to have someone prod me along.

Tomorrow I’m going to do some decent stretching .. I’m super super sore … all these pull ups are going to be the death of me 😉

Wednesday also brings …

In light of yesterdays earthquake, Ive decided to chose someone who represents Christchurch for most of us in New Zealand (and probably the world).


Canterbury Crusader/All Black/Underwear Model .. Dan Carter

I do have to admit, he isnt really my cuppa .. but women seem to swoon and he does have a decent six pack!

Till next time – please keep the people of Christchurch in your prayers.

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