Two for Tuesday


The very first training journal I made had the quote “A dream becomes a goal when you write it down”.  When I first read it (somewhere in internet land, or maybe in an oxygen magazine) I thought .. YES … why did I not realise this fact earlier?

Since then .. I’ve made a conscious effort to write down things I want to achieve.  I write them in my journal, I write them on my whiteboard, I write them here … I even write them on the fridge if it involves NOT eating a certain item of food 😉

And you know what … it works … it really works.  This week I set myself three things to achieve .. so far Ive already completed two and made a start on the third.  So people out in internet land .. write what you want down and go out there and get it!

Right .. lets get onto some of your questions

In short, no.  But to be fair, these triathlons are designed for “beginners” so I’m just going to rely on my sheer determination and hope that my base fitness will get me through it.  I should however really go for a bike ride before the event, I havent been on my bike in about a year and a half (right when I started losing weight), so I should probably check everything is in working order!


Its been 16 Months & 18 Kilos since I rode my bike (once) 😉

Whoah .. thats a biggie.  Right, I suppose I will just answer it in order 🙂

Do you mean apart from Ludus, my new favorite workout of all time? 😉

If so, it would probably be something outdoors and since I hate running, it would be walking.  My late evening walks are one of my favorite times of the day, especially if the weather is nice.


Heading out for an evening walk

Yep!  I do a lot of it .. so I’d get pretty bored, pretty quickly if I didn’t 🙂

As a rule .. no.   I have on occasion added 20 minutes onto the end of a short workout if I cant do cardio later, but generally no.  I concentrate on one or the other.  (Weights or cardio).

It’s always interesting to see what questions you guys have .. keep asking, I will get to them all

Till next time

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  1. Tracy Haselden says:

    You should be so proud of yourself! Your hard work and dedication has paid of in bucket loads! Now to get off my arse and follow in your footsteps………………………

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