10 Weeks and feeling good!

Technically its 9 weeks and 5 sleeps till showtime, but this photo was taken on Saturday my “official” stat day of 10 weeks out.

I’m feeling good.  Still feeling strong and starting to fit a little better into my clothes, so I’m sure something is coming off somewhere. 😉

Last week I set these goals

  1. Do at least one ab session BUT preferably two.
  2. Get up and do early morning cardio every day this week (The last three weeks Ive only gotten up early Wed-Fri)
  3. Try out a Ludis Magnus session.

Pleased to say .. done and dusted!

This week I think I’m going to aim just a little higher and pick some things that I may fail at, but that I will give my utmost to do;

  • Do 7 pullups in a row, wide grip, no assistance
  • Run 25 minutes in one go without stopping at least one cardio session this week
  • Do two ab workouts.

Apart from two sessions of cardio per day .. Ludus and a Leg Workout, my weekend was pretty quiet.   There was a family lunch at our place because my little brother was home (he lives in Sydney) for a wedding.  Unfortunately family lunch at the moment involves me watching people eat, but its always nice to catch up otherwise taking the kids to the park each day was about as adventurous as it got .. I’m either getting old … or feeling some carb deprivation!

Its cardio, honest 😉


This morning I was back at the house of all things Spartan, thankfully we didn’t do any pull ups today, my lats are aching!  Joe did say to me (after reading my goal of doing 11 pull ups this year) that he would get me doing that easy.  Yay!

Tonight its a chest workout (which obviously means its Monday, the day the entire world does chest) and then another session of cardio, before I head to bed to start it all over again tomorrow.  No wonder I always have a strange sense of de ja vu most days!

Anyway .. im starting to ramble, must mean its lunchtime 😉

Till next time

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3 Responses

  1. Jen says:

    Will you do 2 lots of cardio 6 days for the next 10 weeks??

  2. feminine fitness says:

    I do two lots of cardio seven days a week and yes. I do cardio everyday off season, so during contest I do more but tend to eat pretty much the same.

  3. Donloree says:

    I love your arms. I am officially having arm lust up here in the arctic! Hah!

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