Fight for good

I know you are all waiting for the boobie update and I am working on it ..

But its Wednesday and I’m guessing 95% of you would rather look at half naked hot men than hear about my “upgrades” today, so lets get on with the show. 🙂

In a few weeks the fight for life is being held in Auckland.  Fight for Life is the ultimate battle of the codes, League vs Union in the boxing ring!   Although it would be an eye candy festival for the women folk among us, more importantly it is a fundraising event for the Prostate Cancer Foundation (however the eye candy factor is an added bonus) 😉

The eye candy athletes on the card for the evening include Rugby hotties Liam Messam, (who along with Richard Kahui and Sonny Bill round out the Chiefs “Next Top Models”) and Carlos Spencer who was the ONLY reason I used to watch Rugby and is pictured below.

Incidentally the girls at Ludus have come to the conclusion that one of the Ludus boys looks a lot like Carlos .. another perk of being a Ludian .. looking at Carlos look a likes 😉

However as FIIIIINE as Carlos is todays Wolf is from Team League

Monty is the “main event” after all!

He is up against the hulk of a man Shane Cameron.  It’s a bit of a David v Goliath fight so fingers crossed for David (that would be Monty) 😉

I’d love to go to the event.  I have been to watch boxing before but honestly I spent most of the time with my hands over my eyes squirming and feeling sorry for whomever was being pummeled, but these “boxers” could ensure I keep my eyes on the ring especially when they look like this ..

If It wasn’t for my new upgrades I might have considered boxing .. although I don’t think I have quite the right temperament for the sport, just think Incredible Hulk with big boobies  – I don’t process anger very well, someone smacking me in the head would probably cause me to get angry.

However the 2011 Fight for Life has got the first female fight on the card. Hayley Holt v Paige Hareb

I’ve always been enamored by Hayley Holt. Although to most people she may be “that chick that dated Richie” or even “that girl from dancing with the stars” (and she is both)

To me she is a kick arse athlete.  I think I developed a girl crush when I watched a documentary that followed her to Asia and dumped her in a monastery where she had to learn martial arts. The girl is hard!

She is deserving of being the first recipient of a big ..

Good Luck to all the athletes. If your keen to go get in quick, it looks like its going to be a good one.

Till next time

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2 Responses

  1. Anouska says:

    It’s a good line up this year! I hate boxing too (any sport that means you’re just beating the crap outta one another i can’t watch), but the hotness that is competing might make me wanna watch too! Good ole king carlos, used to watch rugby for him too back in the day, even used to following his blog when he moved to south england to play. Ooh and liam yum!

  2. Kel says:

    I agree…I became really impressed when Hayley got dumped in Asia as well!

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