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It’s nearly been two weeks since I had my boobies “upgraded” although in fairness the word “uplifted” would be a more accurate description.

I’ve been under doctors orders to “take it easy” so I’ve been re-cooperating at home (which mostly involves me sitting on my arse and watching TV) 😉 but since I’m back at work on Monday and I know that many of you are waiting to hear all the “gory” details of how the big day went I thought I should make some time to “reveal all”.

The original plan was to go to Thailand for a plastic surgery “holiday” I would get my boobs uplifted and some loose skin on my inner thigh removed. The cost to have surgery in Thailand is a fraction of the cost of having it done here. The flights were booked, surgeon and hospital confirmed .. and then the flood of all floods became a Thai National Crisis and the hospital advised to put off all non urgent surgery … boobs are not urgent.

Since I had already arranged to take time off from work and I had arranged someone to cover my role I contacted Doctor Mellow at The Plastic Surgery Centre about the possibility of having the surgery done here. I figured if I could get it done here with the savings I had then I would do it. If I couldn’t afford it I would wait and go to Thailand at a later date.

At the initial consultation I explained what I wanted to do.  Doctor Mellow had a look at the areas, for the boobs he pulled out his “box of implants” and he showed me some examples and we fought decided by mutual agreement which implant would give the look I wanted. The plan was to insert 290cc round implants under the fascia (the top layer of muscle)

Then it was a case of waiting for the quote and hoping like hell I had enough saved up to get them done. I received three quotes the following day. A quote to have each surgery (thighs and boobs) performed on its own and another quote to have both procedures done at the same time, that way I could pick and chose what I could afford.

The quote for both was a few hundred under what I had in my “boobie savings account” but the clincher? One of the dates he offered me was the EXACT date my holiday was supposed to start .. it was fate.

I rang and booked as soon as I saw the quote, surgery would be performed two weeks later. In that time I forked out a tonne of money, completed copious amounts of paperwork (doctors consents, hospital admittances, anesthetists questionnaires (all in triplicate)), had blood tests, pre surgical photos and was fitted for post op support garments. It was a whirlwind couple of weeks!

The day of the surgery it was no food from 6am, no water from 8am and turn up at Auckland Surgical Centre in Newmarket at 11am so I figured surgery would be sometime around noon.

Upon arrival my nurse came to get me and show me to a dressing area. I got changed into my surgical gear and went through to the surgical waiting area. After a few minutes my nurse came and took me into a consulting room and he went through all the paperwork that I had completed. He asked me some questions, took my weight and blood pressure (both were better than I thought they would be) and then it was more waiting.

Next I saw my anesthetist Doctor Robinson he went through yet more paperwork asked more questions then explained his role – the part I loved the most was that he assured me his assistant would hold my hand till I was asleep.

After the anesthetist I was just heading out the door to wait some more when Doctor Mellow came to do his consultation.  He drew lines on me and although he had explained the procedures at the initial consultation he explained everything again and ensured I had any questions I had answered.

A few minutes later Doctor Robinsons assistant came to get me and we walked through the surgical suite to my surgical room.  In the room waiting for us were a couple of nurses and Doctor Robinson.  I jumped up on the bed and as promised Doctor Robinsons assistant held my hand while he inserted the lure in my arm.   Then he said, have a nice sleep .. my eyelids went heavy and that was that! I woke up in my room with boobs!

I’ll go over my post surgical pain (or lack thereof really), thoughts, feelings AND why getting boobie implants may be more of a hindrance than I expected in my next post ..

Till next time


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