Home truths as seen by me – Part three

The topic of  “cheating” crops up quite often around the Ludus “gossip circles” and it’s a long standing “joke” about the creative accounting that can go on during workouts.

Some days  I don’t really give a toss – I mean who are these people hurting but themselves?

But there are other days when it annoys the fark out of me and although today isn’t one of those days I’ve got some thoughts I want to share on the matter.

Cheating is dishonorable!

Not only do you dishonor yourself but even worse is the fact that you are dishonoring the workout, the arena and your peers.

Not one of us has ever looked at someone who is giving it their all but three sets behind everyone else and thought “what a looser” from my experience we all think “wicked look at that person giving the workout all they’ve got – they rock!”

The same can’t be said for those among us who can’t count, don’t do full reps, think gorillas, frogs, monkeys and lizards have evolved to the point where they can walk on two legs, lift weights my kidlets wouldn’t struggle with or who think near enough to the end mark is good enough.

FYI – just because you can see the island at the top of the hill doesn’t mean you have actually reached it.

Obviously there are times where we ALL lose count or we don’t quite get our head above the bar on a pullup and no one is going to hold that against you I mean we are pushing our bodies to the limit each and every session so it’s bound to happen but be true to yourself and add a couple of reps if you can’t recollect if you are on 18 or 20.

The ONLY person you should be competing against in the arena is yourself!

So the next time you think close enough is good enough please make a conscience decision to honor your trainer and your training ground and go all the way.

And remember be proud of your score/time, no matter what it is. Choose to excel NOT to compete!

Till next time

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  1. Donloree says:

    I love this post! Yes, yes, YES! 😀

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