Tough Enough?

Six sleeps till I attempt “The Toughest Event on the Planet” ..

Firstly .. how the hell did that happen?

When I signed up it was months and months away .. fast forward a few months and holy heck it’s this weekend!

I figured I would do what I always do when I decide to do these things .. you know I’d turn up and “wing it” and this time I’d have a team so A) I’ll have some help scaling huge walls and B) I’ll have to do it because I will never live down the shame .. I mean I am a spartan! 😉

Normal people out in blog land would think I would have trained hard for this event – or at least trained .. but alas the two “actual” tough mudder training sessions the Ludus team organised I wasn’t there for .. I won’t get into details in this post but lets just say its been a REALLY rough month in my world.

Anyway things are back to “normal” so now I’m looking ahead to this weekend .. and to say I’m scared is an understatement.

Firstly you all know how I love to run right? … well the course is just over 19k’s and it has obstacles like

Shocks on the Rocks
Which seems to be slippery slide meets electric therapy meets barbed wire meets sludge.

AND then there is the one that I am dreading the most – it’s number three on the course ..
The Boa Constrictor

My team could be waiting a loooong time for me on that one and I have a feeling there will be tears!

Keep me in your prayers ..

Till next time

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