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It’s been a long week.   The kids were sick last week and I came down with a bug too .. but I just can’t seem to shake it, so I’ve been a tad “foggy” this week.  The last couple of days I’ve been worse, hot/cold/hot .. just can’t win, I’m sure its nothing that some sleep can’t cure though.


Sleep come free me!

This weekend is (thankfully) a quiet one.  I’ve got Ludus Saturday and Sunday, then a road run and a walk, so nothing too taxing 😉

We do have some family stuff planned.  My daughter Isabelle met a wee girl at the park and they seem to have become firm friends.   She came home and told me all about her new friend Amber and what they did, and what Amber said, she couldn’t stop talking about her.  I think the same thing happened to Amber’s Mum because she drove to the park the next day to find Isabelle to invite her to the girls 5th birthday.  Isabelle was so excited when she came home with the invite.

Unfortunately I wont be there, we did have plans to go to a friends farm and have a picnic and pet the baby pigs and ride the tractors and pick pears, so I’m going to take Elias (since he adores animals) and James is going to do birthday party duties (at least he will be able to eat all food) 😉

Oh well .. no cake but I get to catch up with some good friends that I havent seen in too long!   There are even a couple of babies I am yet to meet.  Please don’t hold your breath waiting for me to get clucky though, this girl has shut up shop for good 😉

Before I sign off I want to send out some love and good wishes …

Firstly to my friend Lesley who has flown across the Tasman to compete in the IFBB Australasian Pro Grand Prix.   I will be seriously surprised if this girl doesn’t bring home a trophy!

And secondly/thirdly to my lovely Bob(ettes) Lisa and Chantelle .. you are  on the homeward leg.  As we say in New Zealand “Kia Kaha” which translates to “Be Strong”, you have both done so well in your journeys.  I can’t wait to see the pics.

Till next time (keep safe)





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  1. Tracy H says:

    “Ludus Sat and Sun, so nothing to taxing” Ha, I love it! Your a machine!

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