Starting the month with a hiss and a roar?

Well no …

It’s a scheduled rest day so no hissing or roaring going on here.

Unfortunately my day didn’t start out with lazing on a hammock between some palm trees but it didn’t start out with running 10k’s either so big thumbs up from me. 😉

Although its my scheduled rest day because it’s a weekday I still need to get up at stupid oclock.  If I sleep through my usual training time I  get caught up in the traffic of all the “normal” people heading into work.  I’d rather forgo an hours sleep than battle Auckland traffic.  So I donned my shoes and stretched out my legs with an hour long walk around the quiet streets of Parnell. *Bliss*

Not only did the walk let me stretch out my legs it let me try out the inserts the podiatrist fitted into my shoe.  Apart from my toes feeling a little squished because my foot is lifted up they felt fine.  I didn’t notice a huge difference but the inserts didn’t annoy me.  So that’s a bonus.  I’ve got to use these ones for two weeks and then put another one in that elevates it even more.  So we will see how I go.

Anyway enough about me ..

I have a few friends who are going to enjoy this post ..

Bond, James Bond oh I mean Daniel Craig.

Not bad .. not bad at all.

He can rock a suit too!

But I’m guessing some of you would rather see this ..

Not a bad way to end a post … 🙂

James and I are going to see “DC” in his latest offering at the cinema this weekend The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Actually I may have forgotten to inform James of this fact – oh well I guess he knows now.

Till next time

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