Coldness .. a postive sign!

The temperature this week has really plummeted .. the daytime isnt too bad, but the mornings are freezing.  I feel the cold pretty easily (just ask James who has to endure the Saraha like temperature in my car because I always have my heater on) and its one of the reasons we don’t live in his homeland, honestly I spent one Christmas there and I could easily have just stayed permanently indoors in front of the open fire!

Fire, socks .. all thats missing is hot choc and marshmellows!


My constantly being cold can be a bit of a hassle when you live with someone who lives in shorts all year round, in winter he will don a t-shirt, but otherwise its strictly shorts and bare chest *yum*.   I take my little fan heater everywhere and he just waves at me from across the room because he is sweltering.

Anyway, last night James told me I was cold because I didnt have any insulation on my body … so I guess being cold is a postive sign, in a “glass half empty” kind of way. 😉


I'm determined to find the postive!

On another bright note .. I get to wear jeans and on an even brighter note .. I fit them!  A few pairs are even dropping down my hips already.  There are obviously a big plus side to running, even when you hate it with a passion.

Before you ask, no I haven’t done my five k road run yet.  I have done a treadmill session though, so that just leaves one more treadmill session to do.  Last night after leg training with Miss Jo my hip flexors had a bit of a spaz, so much so that when I went out for my last session of cardio I ended up in tears because of the pain.  I limped home and jumped on treadmill and just walked it out .. something is better than nothing (thats’ my half full mentality again) .

Thankfully Ludus was very easy this morning.  I dont usually go on a Thursday, but my friend Brooke was back so I went in to train and catch up.   The only thing with easy is that it usually involves doing 20 minutes of core work .. my abs are still screaming from Monday and Tuesdays sessions .. so abs was interesting to say the least 😉


They will be big and blocky before you know it!

A quick recap of yesterday; Walk, Work, Legs (ouch), Food, Kids, Jog/Limp/Cry/Walk, Bed (with the electric blanket on!)

Tomorrow morning is “rest day” .. so no Ludus until the weekend.  I have a feeling James is going to want to come and take a beating, should be a fun one!

Till next time



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