Day 82 otherwise known as Day 163

Firstly a huge happy birthday to the dashing Mr Wiki .. who incidentally is getting better with age!

To honor him I went to the Marathon Wiki Love session at 6am this morning and did the WOD pictured (in two hours) .. which would have been great except there was a whole entire set that I didn’t even get started on before I had to stop and go and earn some coffee money. #dnc #fml

I had a hard time of it this morning, I think having only four hours sleep didn’t help matters but I literally had to fight back tears most of the session ..

You see the WOD started with 40 ultimate burpees, which are pretty much five plyo pushups then three squats (two squats and a squat jump) .. well I finished last and then the next thing you know I’m about three sets behind everyone else .. I was getting so down on myself and frustrated and you know girls cry when they are frustrated, its a genetic thing 😉

I would look on the board and think – youll catch up on the swings – only to be then landed with Romans and then fall behind once again.  Then I’d fly through the deadlifts and then fall back on the tigers .. there was one section that I did catch up some time (the donkeys and russian twists) but then it was drip/leg lift combo ..

The entire time I battled with myself to

1) Keep going
2) Keep good form (that’s from years of bodybuilding) and not sacrifice either form or weight for speed

I mean I could have knocked the dips and leg lifts out in a flash if I had dipped on a box, but I know I can dip on a bar (even if by the end it’s only two at a time) so my inner self always says don’t be a pussy .. heck I couldn’t even talk myself into jumping up the rope a little .. noooo … Julia has to sit on her arse, legs straight and try and climb the rope, because Julia wants to be epic (Yes Julia likes to talk in the third person)

Anyway Julia has learned her lesson, she requires more than 4 hours sleep before going to Ludus because lack of sleep makes me teary and Julia does not enjoy coming last but has to remember that it is not a race and the only person I need to be better than is the me of yesterday.

Oh and just because today was going to be one of *those* days – I also had to do 163 burpees because it was rest day yesterday .. and although I enjoyed rest day in the lazy boy watching Channing Tatum, Chris Evans, Tom Hardy and Jeremy Renner doing 163 burpees to make up for the ones I didn’t do on the aforementioned rest day .. sucks arse. I’m not convinced that Channing is worth 163 burpees .. Chris Evans on the other hand well he might be a hundy .. #swoon

But the day ended on a high, James took the kids down to the pool after I did my burpees so I had some quiet time to get in a yoga session, when the kids came up and had been showered (they go direct to the bathroom from our pool) they came out and joined me in my yoga.

Luckily I had done most of the session and there was only about 5 minutes left before the relaxation part (which incidentally Issy did too – Elias got bored once the poses stopped).  I’m breeding baby yogis!  So cute …

Till next time

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