Day 80 – Spin it baby

I think if I went back in time a few months and told the “old” me that “future” me would enjoy spin class I would laugh in my face …

You see I never “got it” I mean honestly, people drive to a gym to sit in a tiny room on a bike that goes nowhere .. wtf?!?!?!

Although to be fair, I’ve never understood people who do cardio indoors in the summer.

Winter sure .. its cold, its usually raining and your shoes get wet add that to darkness and well cardio outside usually sucks bum .. but in the summer?

Anyhoo .. if I do go back in time and my old self laughs in my face about spin class I shall give myself a backhander because blow me down spin class is a gut buster and more often than not I either think I am going to faint or puke and sometimes puke then faint especially in those sprint tracks give me track five any day (you LM RPMers will know what I’m talking about) 😉

Anna came and did the first session with me before she went to Ludus and then I was on my lonesome.

The second session was packed only two spare bikes, the one I was on I couldn’t get the strap to tighten so my options?  Move to the front row on the side, but that meant maneuvering through loads of bikes OR take the one directly in front of me but that was right at the front, opposite the teacher .. #sigh

Yep I took the easier to get to but so much harder option of being right where the instructor could see me … although on a positive note it meant I could follow the pace of his legs .. which is very helpful when you are shattered and want to put your head down I just had to follow his feet.   On a side note I got the adapters I need to convert my road shoes to fit the cleats the spin bikes take, so now it won’t matter if the toe straps won’t tighten – I’ll use them at my next session and report if they make the class easier, in theory it should ..

Anyway it’s been a busy day.  RPM x 2, Yoga then I came home did the burpee challenge

Then I  spent the day with Issy because we had girls and boys day today (because Issy thought looking at dinosaur bones at the museum would be boring – apparently painting nails is so much more fun to a nearly five year old).

Anyway tonight I’m out to dinner with friends, one thing about Ludians, they like to eat .. just my type of people.

Till next time

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