Day 79 and the first fyuf of 2013

I <3 Friday’s .. even if it does involve getting f**ked up before breakfast 😉

Today was the first fyuf for 2013 and on my training schedule I’ve blocked out the entire Friday morning for Ludus so I get a double f**cking over.

I picked Friday for double trouble because ..

A) It’s FYUF and that  means two wicked hard as sessions and

B) It’s usually two different people taking the two morning sessions which *usually* means two different workouts.

This morning started with Ren we had a big warm up set then did five minute sets, two exercises in each set.  First exercise you did 10 times and then whatever time you had left in the minute you did the second exercise.  Let’s just say there were sets where I just ended up doing 50 reps of the first exercise because I never got to the other lol and on the pullup set in the last two minutes I couldn’t even get out the required 10!

Then we had my fav JT take the second session.  He pulled out some “oldie but goodie” sets including the tyre set which is one of my all time fav wod’s the only thing was since the 7:15 session is a 45 minute class he dumbed down the set by halving the reps – which probably explains how I finished it 😉

One thing I noticed about doubling ..

I think I get a more intense workout if I do RPM after Ludus because I have to keep up with the class where as on the second session at Ludus I can rest and I probably rest more than I “really” have too.   Maybe I need to find a “partner in crime” and race .. hmmm …

Anyway its day 79 so lets get to it then get on with our Friday nights!

Till next time

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  1. Donloree says:

    You are my burpee hero! 😉

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