Bring it on

Poor poor Monday.

Monday is not a popular day.  I guess it would be the annoying loud mouth kid at school, the one you cant avoid even if you want to.

BUT not for me, not today … I rocked it this morning, I felt strong – just like a kick ass (yes I used the word ass again) superhero …. so Monday bring it on … I’m ready for you!

Apparently all the talk about how “you are what you eat” and that a good night sleep is good for you are spot on. 😉

So I guess I have Elias to thank for being ready to kick some Monday butt because he slept in his own bed for the entire night .. long may it last.

Oh and if you give me a second to be vain I want to share with you the reason I feel like I can kick some ass today.  I climbed the rope!  All the way up!  Touched the ceiling and everything!  Yeah Baby!

I’ve been wanting to do that ever since I saw this photo online …

Now that is a picture of strength and I want some of that .. (strength – not Emma – not that she isn’t hot, but I’m getting off subject now)

Right, lets get back on track … the weekend …

Did Ludus – yeah baby!

Watched my friend Donelle (far left) win her class at the Nabba Nationals – yeah BB! (photo stolen from Lisa at

Watched England juuuuuuuuuuust scrape in against Scotland in the Rugby World cup – thank goodness James would have been hell to live with if England had lost

Watched the All Blacks win (even minus Dan Carter) .. PS I vote Weepu over Slade 😉

Watched the Warriors lose (boo) but got to channel surf between them and “my Tommy Bowe” playing Italy in the Rugby World Cup (yay). Well Tommy didn’t play alone, but you know what I mean 😉

Finally organised our house, got stuff together for womens refuge, listed things on Trade Me and have sold some already – all proceeds are going into my “Olympia 2012 Fund”

Imitated a see saw, climbing frame, horse and whatever else the kidlets could think up, at least they haven’t asked me to do the sandbag walk that Daddy does with them. 😉

Phew thank goodness for Monday .. I need a rest now!

Till next time

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