100 Days 100 Burpees – Day 45 its a jungle round here!

As you can probably tell from watching the burpee challenge videos, the girls and I do these prior to our ludus sessions each morning.

We arrive half an hour before “class” hum and har for about 10 minutes discussing what we are going to do, then we have to bat our eyelids, cry or promise caramel slice to someone to get them to video it for your viewing pleasure, then we knock out the burpees.

Now you think it would just be us nutters a few early morning arrivals and the person taking the session arriving that early but NO its honestly like being a cast member of the jungle story!

You have Greg and Co doing their pullup lever typewriter window wiper variations. Brooke and David doing their flip flack somersaults and then when Anna Iz and I have busted out our burpees Anna gets stuck into her one arm handstands or pullups, Iz climbs the rope, I try and balance and do other really stupid things that I’m not supposed to like pike pullups

But have to say it .. I love the atmosphere!

FYI here is todays attempt at the side crow hold for my New Years Challenge

And of course it wouldn’t be Day 45 without the challenge video 😉 It’s Iz and I today as Anna does RPM prior to Ludus on a Saturday. Oh and I will warn you it’s the Ludus Christmas party this afternoon so there could be some REALLY lame arse burpees in tomorrows clip. 😉

But todays are not lame AND check out Iz – 45 burpees – all single leg!

Till next time

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