Peaking Hump Day

Peak Week – Day Three (which also happens to be hump day!)

I’ve been hanging out for this day, because it means that tomorrow I get carbs .. its the small things in life that make it worthwhile these days. 😉

Even though I’ve had no carbs since Sunday I feel pretty good.  At work today I was tired, but not overwhelmingly so which was handy since I had to do the wages for three companies today along with all the 20th of the month cheque runs.  I think the fact that I am really busy could be helping me get through this peak week?  Im not sure, but this time around has definitely been easier than last time.

HOWEVER by the time I got to training with Miss Jo at 7pm I was exhausted.   She was running a little late so I sat at the desk waiting and I just about fell asleep! lol.   I told her I was doing better this peak week and she said “but you look more tired this time around” .. I figure that’s because she is working my arse off .. really its all her fault I’m so tired.  She just kept reminding me during our session that I could do nothing for the next four weeks if I wanted.  (It didnt help though) 😉

Anyway enough me me me talk .. you’ve had plenty of that this week!  Onto what most of you associate Wednesday with .. hunky men!

Today’s recipient is a member of the NZ Breakers Basketball team who just so happened to win the NBL this year!  Go Breakers! (On a side note, the game was the same night as the Royal Wedding .. I guess there was a lot of channel switching going on in some households)

Paul Henare .. not bad, not bad at all!

Till tomorrow



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