I think its working ..

Peak Week – Day Three

Even though I hate stupid oclock, this week I wake up excited to see if I can see any changes.  Do I have abs? some more definition?  striations?  .. anything at all?.   My morning ritual is rolling out of bed (literally some mornings),  look in on the kidlets then go downstairs,  strip down, take a look in the mirror, stand sideways, do some poses, um and ahh then cross my fingers and jump on the scales.

Since I competed only a few weeks ago, I know what I weighed etc during that peak week and I can compare then and now.


This helps me to feel a little more secure that things are tracking along ok.   I’ve also had my “secret weapon” Miss Jo ensuring that I’m training as hard as physically possible each day so I can put my hand on my heart and know that I’ve given it my best.

Last night when I got dressed for training James walked in the room and exclaimed “wow!  you look amazing, Miss Jo giving you a beating each night is really working”

Bless him .. I know that he is biased, but sometimes he says just the right thing to a carb deprived and tired lil lady.

Till tomorrow





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2 Responses

  1. Tenecia says:

    What the heck do you need my shoulders for?!?!? You’ve got some of your own!!! You look AWESOME!!!


  2. Donloree says:

    It is totally working!!!!

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