Monday Monday, So good to me ..

Peak Week – Day Two

I was a little worried about working on no carbs, however it actually went really well!  Because I am going away at the end of the week, I am really busy trying to get everything finished before I leave, I have PAYE for three companies to do, month end sales and various other things to arrange before I jet off to visit Mickey Mouse and co.

And please don’t even ask about the packing … I think that will be done on the day we fly out!


I did however find the cabin bags AND I have started a list of things to do for the trip, at the moment I’ve just got a list of things to do before the comp .. first things first and all that.   Elias thought the cabin bags were the best thing since his Little People airplane toy (which is currently his fav thing in the entire world) and spent the morning wheeling the bags around like they were trolleys.  He could come in handy helping with the luggage. 😉

So all in all day two of peak week went pretty well.

I ate chicken (I would be lost without my George Foreman), I drank 4 litres of water (I cant go far from toilet facilities!) and I trained.

Speaking of training Miss Jo is earning her keep this week.  If I wasn’t so “depleted” I would have felt sorry for her constantly trying to pep me up, cor blimey by the end of the workout I couldn’t even lunge properly.  But big props to her, she pushed, cajoled and pulled me through my last leg workout before the big day.

Tomorrow is back/chest or something like that, I was honestly too tired to listen by the end of training today.  I guess I will find out when I turn up at the gym.  I like suprises. 🙂

I want to send any energy I have left over (which isn’t much but its the thought that counts) to Stacy who is also competing this coming weekend but on the other side of the world.  I’ve been following her contest prep and I can’t wait to see how she goes!  Check her out HERE.

Right .. Top Chef Allstars (Gotta love the food porn), then bed .. stupid oclock will be calling me far too soon!

Till tomorrow





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