There’s no backing out now

No Turning Back Now!

Yep .. those are my entry forms!

I wasn’t going to arrive in Christchurch until after the official registration was over, so I have been corresponding with Richard (one of the event organisers) and he said I could just fill in the forms and send them down, which would save rushing about the day of the event. *yay*

Well I’ve arranged an earlier flight, but I thought I would send them down anyway, just in case something happens and my flight gets delayed, I’d much rather not be stressing more than I have too.  One less thing to worry about, is all good with me.

So what does it feel like to be “officially entered”?


Backwards is not an option

To tell you the truth a little shaky underfoot!   But I’ve crossed the bridge now .. so onwards we forge.

Till next time

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