What would you choose?

I was asked “What’s one luxury you can’t live without?”

n. pl. lux·u·ries
Something inessential but conducive to pleasure and comfort.

You would think that this would take some time to ponder right? After all there are so many luxuries that we (in the free worlds) are afforded with these days with everything from chocolate to international holidays being deemed a luxury in todays society.

My response was near immediate, hot running water!

For a moment I expanded that to “electricity” (in general). Electricity would be a luxury right? Considering there are thousands upon thousands of people living on top of mountains in Iraq without food or water I’d lump electricity into an inessential but conducive to comfort category.

But upon further thought I concluded I’d rather depend on fire for heat, cooking & light than bathe in cold water, just ask the people who have done the ice bucket challenge how what they think about “bathing” in cold water.

I have a thing about the cold – in that I hate it, it’s reason 2567 why James and I live in New Zealand and not the UK, apparently I don’t know what a “real winter” is ..

What would your one luxury be?

Till next time





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