Today’s #thanksamillionfromlaura theme was “your bucket list”.  Participants were instructed to post a picture on instagram and outline one thing we would like to do in our lifetime.

I usually log onto instagram while I’m waiting in my car for the gym to open each morning which is when I find out  what the theme for the day is.  Some days I automatically know what my photo composition will be for example yesterday we were asked to talk about our hobby so it was as simple as busting out a yoga/crossfit crossover pose in the box before class started because if I’m not doing a handstand in an open field I’m doing some form of crossfit workout. 😉

Today however I didn’t have the light bulb moment I usually have.   My bucket list is made up of visiting many far flung lands and a chilly winter Auckland morning doesn’t really depict the tropical paradises I hope to experience in my lifetime.

Then while walking along the waters edge this morning I began to get inspired.  I truly love the sea, being in it, on it or next to it.  I guess it comes from being a water sign (and spending every childhood holiday I can remember at the beach). So I sat on the ocean steps and while the waves lapped I took a photo and outlined an item on my bucket list.

A “bad yogi” yoga cruise.

What’s a bad yogi you ask?  Well I did an “exercise” the other day with a sampling of people that I happened to came in contact with throughout my day. The sample included friends, work colleagues and random people who didn’t look like serial killers.

I asked them to list the first five things that came to mind when they heard the word yoga and here is the final list in order of popularity

  1. Bendy
  2. Vegetarian
  3. Hippy
  4. Sandals
  5. Hindu

I guess I’m not your stereotypical Yogini.

Yoga retreats tend to be “cleansing” some literally more than others, I actually saw one advertised as a cleansing retreat, in that you didn’t eat real food for the entire retreat.   People pay for that “privilege”? Pfft no thanks.  Even the retreats where you get to eat real food tend to omit meat which once again puts me off signing up even if it is being held in the most breathtaking location on earth.

So a typical day on my #badyogi cruise would include;

  • Sunrise yoga
  • Pancake breakfast
  • Swimming & Sunbathing
  • Aerial and Acro yoga
  • Burger and fries for lunch
  • Shopping when the ship calls into port
  • More swimming and sunbathing
  • Yin yoga to wind down
  • Copious amounts of dessert at dinner time

I think I’m moving cruise to the top of my bucket list el pronto!  Who wants to join me?

Till next time





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