All or Nothing?

I’ve always lived somewhat of an all or nothing existence ..

When I was a bodybuilder every minute of every day was planned and I followed a schedule. I knew what to eat and when to eat it. Every rep of every exercise I was to perform was outlined along with how many hours of cardio I would endure each day. Not only was I a bodybuilder but all my friends were bodybuilders because I basically spent every waking hour amongst them.

Then as time went on and my interest waned in one activity I’d simply replace one obsession with another ..

Because it’s got to be all or nothing .. right?

I mean why else would we hear things such as “go hard or go home” or “train insane or remain the same” bandied around with such abandon? We obviously have to do more to be more ..

Well my friends it may have taken me 42 and a bit years BUT I’m finally going to stand my ground and state;

When I started crossfit just over a year ago it was a replacement “obsession”. I wanted to learn everything and I wanted to learn it yesterday. I even dallied with the idea of competing (because all my life I’d trained with an end game in mind). So now I was training for a legitimate reason and I had a plan that I followed to get me where I needed to be.  However, the more I pressured myself to train so that I could be competitive the less I wanted to do it.  I just wasn’t having fun anymore ..

So when my coach went off on holiday, I took about a month off my “regular programming”.   I did the occasional crossfit class if it looked like fun and I jumped in to do some metcon work with a group I’d seen training early at the gym three days a week.  I walked outside and watched the world wake up and I did more yoga.

Now I’m back to an abridged version of “regular programming”, I’m back to lifting heavy stuff and I work on some gymnastic skills when I feel like it, BUT I still jump in and metcon with the group I met, I still do more yoga and I still get outside to watch the world wake up.

My “new schedule” is somewhat schedule-less, nothing is set in stone and only one thing is compulsary ..

Are you doing what makes you happy?

Till next time





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