I fought

The box and the box won

BUT after a deep breath and a set of “box jumps” completed on the nice “squishy” and low to the ground tyre, I went back and jumped on that stupid thing to show its just who is boss!

That would be me by the way 😉

Oh and yes I seem to be all matchy matchy today with my purple top and purple shoes, but believe me it was more a fluke than some actual fashion sense. Although Issy would be very approving of my workout attire.

Speaking of Miss Isabelle last night she was EXTREMELY interested in Mummy. I felt a little like an animal at the zoo. You see I had an indoor trainer session on the agenda but since the weather was nice I took the trainer out onto the deck and set up for my workout with a quizzical little person looking on.

I ended up talking her into going down to visit her Nanna and Poppa so that I could sweat it out and not worry about her being so inquisitive that she touched something (eg something moving at speed that would chop her hand off)!

James snapped a quick pic during my warm up ..

And for the record – I did some one legged spinning, man that s**t is hard!  I think riding outside is easier because you can obviously coast during certain sections and with a trainer it’s constant AND boring maybe it would be a good opportunity to catch up on the stuff on mysky – like The Biggest Loser – I love that show. 🙂

Speaking of things I love ….

I’ve been reading The Skinny Runners Blog for a little while now and she has mentioned numerous times about Bic Bands being the ONLY headband that never moves.

Now I have heard claims like that before AND I have forked over money to try out these non moveable headbands and they have all been – well to put it bluntly, crap. But Skinny Runner runs A LOT and when I see photos of her she is always wearing one of these Bic Bands.  So I threw caution to the wind and put my money on the line.

They arrived last night and I put one on straight away and it stayed put.  Usually they pop off my head in seconds!

So I said to James, well I will wear one to Ludus that’s a true test of stay puttedness (yes I am sure that is a word even if Mr Google disagrees with me).

I also may have mentioned to James that if they stay put during a Ludus session then I want one in every color (and I do love the glitter Bic Band,  how cute is that!)

I best inform everyone of what I want for my birthday!

Oh and please excuse the I have just finished Ludus and I am sweaty and hungry look.  I’m not good at taking self portraits and I was more interested in having a shower so I could eat than taking photos of myself, especially when I look like that! 😉

Speaking of hungry my tummy is telling me its time for lunch ..

Till next time

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