I am a lion(ess)

*usually* Today I gave into my inner kitten!

So we all know (or at least you should all know by now) that the goal for 2012 is for me to complete the Taupo Half Ironman in December.

Today my program had a brick session – a practice triathlon, where I had to swim 300 m in the sea then bike 10ks and then back that up with a 3k run. This session was to prepare me for the Contact Triathlon being held in Takapuna in two weeks time.

I had been worried about the sea swim all week because it meant swimming alone. Sure I’ve done triathlons before and did the swim section – but they have lifeguards, you know people who will rescue me. So last night I chickened out and decided just to do the bike/run legs. All good.

This morning pretty much everything that could go wrong did go wrong, which made me flustered. Then I *thought* I was ready and I couldn’t work out how to set up my Garmin for the brick session – 10 minutes later I threw it across the room (well in my mind – I actually placed it carefully in the basket) and grabbed my trusty Timex and went out to the bike.

That’s when I completely lost it … lost what you ask?

My confidence!

I cycled up and down the little right of way next door practising clipping in and out showing myself I could do it. But nope the little person in my head just wasn’t a believer today no matter what I did.

I ended up basically in tears on James’ shoulder telling him how utterly useless I am and lamenting about how I am supposed to be an iron woman and how could I be one if I can’t even ride a bike or swim AND that I had the Takapuna Tri in two weeks and I can’t even get up the courage to ride my bike.

He listened to his “crazy wife” and then patted me on the back told me that I had only had one “lesson” on the bike and it is to be expected that I could be shaky for awhile and that we can always put the flat pedals back on for the Takapuna Tri and that it wasn’t the end of the world. (Sometimes I forget he is more than a really good looking man with a great bod) 😉

So what did I do .. well there was only one thing left really ..

Run. I guess I should be grateful I could actually complete one of the three things on my to do list.   I did 10ks since I wasn’t doing any of the other things during the same session. Isabelle kind of looks like I did when I broke down on James’ shoulder, although she was sad I was going on a run and not playing at the park, I was more mad at myself than sad.

Anyway today was not a good day in the iron woman quest.  I’ve told myself that tomorrow will be better.  By crickey even if I have to ride my stupid bike around the stadium car park for 90 minutes I will be doing that bike session!  I will find my inner lioness if it bloody well nearly kills me! 😉

Oh and Tania .. I stretched, just like a good girl!

Tonight James and I are having date night at the pool – swimming laps, how romantic … lol.

Till next time

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4 Responses

  1. Amy says:

    You are a lioness!!! And I think you are totally brave posting about your “bad” day, just remember that the most wonderful days would be nothing without the bad days! Keep up the great work your an inspiration 🙂

  2. feminine fitness says:

    You are far braver than I! I’m going to miss you – I know you don’t have a sweet tooth but PLEASE have a waffle stack for me x

  3. TracyH says:

    In the words of Churchall, Never, never, never, never give up!

  4. Donloree says:

    Oh clipping in is totally freakish until you get used to it. Now if I have to ride a bike and I can’t clip in I think its lame. 😛 Start with clipping in on one side and let the other shoe just not clip in. Then when you’re in motion clip the other one in. I also suggest holding onto a tree or sign and practicing clipping in and out a few times. Then unclip one shoe out when you’re coming close to the stop and you’ll have a foot to put down. Also if your clips on the pedal are too tight its hard to make it work. Start with them on the loosest setting and then even if you start to fall over your shoes will POP out. Trust me….I know from experience. 🙂

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