The Dry July Paleo Challenge – Day 1 Week 1

It’s the 1st!  The 1st of July!  Half way through the year already!

It’s also Day 1 of the Crossfit HPU Dry July Paleo Challenge (try saying that quickly).

I’ve got to be honest and say I’ve always teased my paleoite friends.  Someone once asked me if I wanted to try a paleo diet and I scoffed “Give up carbs AND dairy? – Yeah nah .. ”

Even when I crossed over to the “darkside” and took up crossfit and the coaches proclaimed the greatness of eating like a caveman I’d just nod and say .. yeah .. nah.

BUT ..

When I saw on the HPU noticeboard that they were having a “Dry July” paleo challenge AND there were prizes to be won, well then I thought … yeah .. why not.  Not only do crossfitters compete to see who is the best as exercising they also compete to see who is the best at “dieting” and if any one knows how to stick to a plan its an ex bodybuilder .. I’ve got this in the bag (pride cometh … ;))

So I signed away my life and turned up to the Paleo presentation given by Coach G.  I will say I actually found it quite interesting especially the part where he went over how to eat paleo for performance – because honestly what is the use looking good if you perform shite.

And yes those are scales and calipers in the background – after the “how to” section we moved onto the bit we all love to hate – the body composition testing and “before photos”.

There are two categories in the challenge

  1. Biggest bodyfat percentage lost
  2. Best transformation (between your before and after photo)

I’m  hoping to win a hoodie.  I’m a tad over being “scolded” everytime I wear my Ludus hoodie into the box 😉

Anyway for your “viewing pleasure” here is me before I take on the life of a modern day cavewoman.

Today is the first day I will eat completely Paleo.  Although last week I started getting some meals delivered from “Fit Me In” who do paleo food deliveries I always had some form of grains at least twice throughout the day.

So even though I get 2 of my 3 main meals supplied it still takes some time and preparation to work out what to eat for the rest of my meals especially if I also have to schedule a “performance meal” in.  Thankfully today was just boxing and I’m not too fussed on performance as long as I get to smack the bag and get up a sweat I’m all good.

So there you have it .. if you are not “up with the play” on paleo eating here is a great flow chart (and it makes me giggle)

If the urge grabs you why don’t you give it a go? 

It’s only 31 days .. it will be gone in the blink of an eye (or at least that is what I’m telling myself)!

Till next time

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