The Runners High

I often find myself wondering if it’s an actual thing ..

Because seriously? The only high I’ve experienced so far is when I’ve finished and even then it’s still hit and miss.

90% of the time all I can think is “fuck everything hurts where is the nearest body of freezing cold water for me collapse into” and another 8% of the time it’s “Whyyyyyyy?!? Whyyyyy do I do this” complete with banging my head against the nearest wall .. (just kidding, I’m way to exhausted after any run to be doing any further movement, just ask the kids – I can barely string words together).

The other day I had only literally stepped into our driveway at the end of my long run and I had a wide eyed kidlet waving at me from the balcony excitedly asking me something – what it was I have no idea because my brain was too busy reminding my lungs how to process oxygen for it to instruct my ears to listen which I’m guessing Isabelle realised because the next thing I know she’d run down the stairs to greet me (albiet from a safe distance – I probably still had my angry face on). 😉

Isabelle – “Mum you’ve been gone for aaaaages”

Me – “Yeah I had to run a long way”

Isabelle – “How far is a long way?”

Me – “Umm well down to the mall and back again”

Isabelle – “”That’s good you can run that far – right?, I bet lot’s of other Mums cant do that”

Me – “Yeah I guess”

Isabelle – ” … I thought you didn’t like running”

Me – “I don’t”

Isabelle – “So why do you do it?”

at that moment I wanted to say “F*CK knows” but well, she’s 7 (or 8 or something like that) and I’m supposed to be preparing her for shit .. so instead I replied ..

“Because Mum said she’d do something and Mum always keeps her word.”

Uber expensive “bribe”

Isabelle – “Oh like when you promised I could have this” *holds up her wrist to show  off her new bracelet*

Isabelle (continues) – “and then you got it for me even though it turned out to be lots and lots of money!”

Me – “Yep!  Just like that”



As if I needed yet another reminder that I should investigate things a tad more thoroughly before opening my mouth 😉

Till next time





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