Junk “free” June

I’m seven days into #junkfreejune although I’m wondering if I should call it “less junk june”. 😉

To be fair, this challenge allows you to determine what junk food actually is, because it seems that everyone has a different view on that matter.

The #junkfreejune website states that you can choose to either cut out all “junk food” or select one (or more) items that you choose to forgo for the month and as I was pretty broad in my declaration about going junk free this month, over the past week I’ve narrowed in down to;

Chocolate/Sweets/Bakery items (cakes, slices, pastries)
Potato Chips/Cheezels/Twisties etc
Fizzy Drinks
Ice cream and other dessert type foods

And although I rarely have the following it would also be on my don’t eat in June because it’s junk food list – McDonalds, Wendys, Carls Jnr (not that I’ve ever been there), Pizza Hut, Sals Pizza, Fish N Chips & KFC. I will however declare that if I really want to have fish n chips etc – if I make it, then it becomes “real food” and I’ll eat it without any guilt.

So a quick update – I’m not hungry like I would be if I was “dieting”, I guess that’s because I’m eating real food (thanks mostly to my Mums cooking) and by just cutting out junk food for a week I’m down 1.5 kilos on the scale and all measurements (except my bust) are down #winning.

I would HUGELY appreciate it if you could support by donating a couple of $ on my fundraising page after all #junkfreejune was never really about what I look like in a pair of tights, it’s just an added little bonus. 😉

Till next time





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