Now thats how it should be

I’m still getting used to the fact that I can actually go out for a meal with friends and not have to pour over the menu ahead of time trying to find something that will fit in with my eating plan or worrying about how I have to be home at a certain time if I want to get up and do my training the next day.

Don’t get me wrong .. I still study the menu in depth before hand, but that is just so that I can salivate over what is to come. 😉

However studying the menu does give me the incentive I need to keep my eating clean and work out hard during the week so that I can enjoy my weekend “excess” without feeling guilty about it and this past weekend is a great example of how life should be.

I had spent the week eating cleanly and after a week of daily Ludus sessions I had done approximately 1 million burpees.

The weekend arrived and the weather was AMAZING! Issy and I headed to the airport to pick up my friend Kylie and when we dropped her off at the Auckland Domain to do the photography sessions she had arranged Isabelle and I had an “adventure” of epic proportions just like Dora the Explorer 😉 .. this entailed finding ducks, feeding them and then traversing through the secret garden in search of the Gruffalo .. gotta love the imagination of a 3.5 year old.

That night I used having a friend visiting from another city as a great excuse to get together with friends and have a dinner date. As I mentioned earlier I had already spent a good one or two hours looking over the menu so I knew exactly what I was having .. my staple, burger and chips (bahaha .. I am an easy girl to please) followed by dessert.

My dinner (which was worth every one of the million burpees I had done this week) consisted of …..

It was simply heaven on a plate … however now it is hell on my hips 😉

So in an attempt to get my hips back to the way they were post weekend it was back to the arena at stupid o’clock. I will admit that even though this mornings workout seemed slightly easier than normal I found it harder. I really should learn that my body doesn’t perform well when I feed it junk. :S

After warming up (which included a hell session of defense/burpee/squat jump combos) we went onto our circuit in small groups.

  1. Deadlift/Squat (with the olympic bar)
  2. TRX Row/Burpee Shuttle Run
  3. Rope Slams/Medicine Ball Box Overs
  4. Sledge Hammer/Bear Crawl
  5. Dips/Rope Climb

The group split in half. One half did the first exercise, the other half of the group did the other exercise then we swapped. One minute each exercise x 2

On a side note I did pretty good in the rope climb. I want to touch the roof by the end of next year. 🙂

To finish up lets get on with the guess who this weeks wolf is game show …

CLUE THREE = He is 29 and has a daughter that is two months older than Elias.

Till next time

(Send good thoughts into the universe)

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