Tut tut

I know, I know – I missed Wednesday AGAIN ..

Although I do have a perfectly good explanation I won’t bore you with the details, I will just get on with the task at hand 😉

Last week’s wolf was Monty Betham who fought in the main event at the Flight for Life and although I was willing him to win Shane Cameron took the fight on points.

Anyhoo .. the boxer who REALLY caught my eye (and who got a brief mention last week) is this weeks eye candy.

Carlos Spencer *drool* he is proof that things get better with age!

He currently lives in South Africa, I guess that’s why is he so tanned these days!

And he obviously trains hard – look at those guns *drool* the man has abs too, check these babies out …

Oh my oh my (as Deb tends to put it)

Anyway I won’t tell you the outcome of the fight in case you want to watch it ..

Tomorrow I will let you know how training is going and the differences (and similarities) between being a triathlete and a bodybuilder.

Till next time

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