So far so good

Well its been a week since I “eased” myself into training AND so far, so good ..

I got in a couple of sessions done on the bike, a couple of sessions at the pool and I got in three runs as well as my weight sessions so I’m pleased that I’ve managed to get into a some form of semblance of a routine.

This week is going to take some juggling because I can’t train from Friday afternoon through till Sunday night so I have to squish everything in!

Thank goodness for my training journal! I sat down and planned out the weeks ahead and ensured I got everything done in between Christmas festivities, appointments, kids and life in general. You guys know I make them right? (the journals) They would make a great Christmas gift! 😉

I saw my nutritionist on Friday for a “check up” post surgery. I have managed to only put on 2.2 kgs over the four week period I sat at home on my arse. So the goal is to lose that over the Christmas season which is “interesting” since the average weight gain over the Christmas season is what I am trying to lose!

Now here comes the part that made my head boggle.  I get to eat about 600 calories MORE than what I was eating previously.  I must have looked astonished because when I questioned the calculations she just smiled at me and said “Julia, I know you will find this difficult but you have to realise you are now a triathlete and you have to eat like one”

Me! – a triathlete?!?! …  well I guess I will be …

In addition to feeding me more she has pulled back my weight sessions from five sessions  to three sessions a week so that I’ve got some scheduled recovery time, apparently I have to step backwards to move forwards. 🙂

So .. all in all … a good start- even the physio discharged me, although I have a funny feeling I will be seeing a lot of him this year!

Till next time

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