I guess there are advantages

Technically I’m not “supposed” to be training yet ..

At week three the doctor said I could start walking (which I did) and at my last check up he said I could swim .. however after nearly four weeks of doing not a lot except eating I desperately NEEDED to get back into a routine.

So this week I started back .. nothing too strenuous and I’m keeping my weights light.   For me being back into training also means “hello stupid o’clock” (I haven’t missed stupid o’clock) 😉

Since I’m not back at full fitness yet I’m being a good girl and staying away from Ludus – I did try out a few of the exercises we do there to “test” the body, unfortunately the burpees pull on my stitches so I’ll wait till everything has settled down and try again at a later date.

Anyway .. it’s not ALL bad being at the gym at stupid o’clock.  I spied today’s Wolf on the TV this morning.  It was on an infomercial for yet another abdominal machine that you “just have to have”.  I can’t for the life of me remember the name of it but I do remember “him” …

American born Tim Howard – Goal Keeper

He reminds me a little of Kelly Slater, its probably the eyes or I guess it could be the bald head.    Oh and in case you are  wondering since he was endorsing an abdominal machine – yes he does sport a great pair of abs!


He’s tall too – 6 foot 3. When I was reading about him I also found out he was a Harlem Globetrotter, how cool is that!

Anyway back to the business of ogling …

And one more for the road, Tim Howard athlete in action

Well after seeing that I guess the rest of the blog will be pretty lame, so I will tell you about my training tomorrow.  On tonight’s agenda is a bike ride, that could be interesting.

Till next time

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