Trying it out

So I mentioned a few weeks back 2012 is the year I plan to complete my first ever half iron man.

Obviously completing an event like this takes a different type of training than what I am used to. Yes I have completed a couple of short course triathlons and even a couple of duathlons but those are at a length that I just turn up on the day and rely on my base fitness. But the an iron man (even a half of one) will actually require some training.

Since I can’t actually DO any training the moment (and yes I miss moving so much that I even miss burpees) I’ve been investigating what triathlon/iron man training actually looks like.

In my quest for knowledge I found some really  useful websites and a number of training programs varying from absolute beginner through to real athletes.   My six weeks post operative “I can now train” period begins Christmas week (go figure) so I’m hoping to get stuck in as soon as I can!

While I was surfing various multisport event websites I came across todays Wolf of the Day.

Jan Frodeno – Triathlete

Triathletes are lean mean swimming machines!

Triathletes also make running look a breeze ..

I think I am going to be a “one of a kind” version of a multi sporter 😉

Lets end the post with a “real triathlete”

Till next time

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